An Audio Course with 100+ Page Practical Action Guidebook

If you're like many talented and caring coaches, practitioners, real estate agents and entrepreneurs who love what they do, but not making the money they desire, or believe they must be inauthentic to attract business, 
then this online course is for YOU!

This Course is for you if you:

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An Audio Course with Practical Action Guidebook

 Coaches, practitioners, agents, and entrepreneurs:
 Want to get paid well 
for doing what you love
without selling yourself out?

"Just wanted to thank Alan and Roberta for this enlightened course. I received so much clarity and I am implementing a lot of the strategies.  I am appreciative of your energy, time and passion you put into the course.  Thank you.  
- Mary Paleologos, Melbourne, Australia

Want to take your business to the next level without having to utilize pushy, manipulative scarcity tactics.

Love your work but are challenged as to how to attract enough clients or the right kinds of clients.

Have a strong desire to grow your business but are lacking clarity on what methods and direction to take to get it there.

Want your business to soar without having to compromise your health, relationships, and/or integrity.

PART 1: Mind Your Mindset
What most don't realize is that every new business level that is achieved by successful entrepreneurs was preceded by a change in their thinking.  In this session, Alan and Roberta cover the number one source of why most do not reach their financial goals, how to recreate your relationship with money so you prosper, how to overcome the fear, resistance, and self-sabotage that keeps success at bay, and how to shift your thinking to consistently grow your business and make more money without compromising yourself.

PART 2: Getting Aligned
In business, there are a million and one ways to be busy and not making a whole lot of money.  In this session, Roberta and Alan show you how to create the clarity you need to make wise and deliberate business decisions that move you forward and draw the interest of the clients you want - who are happy to pay you.  They help you get out of feeling like your business is all over the place and into a plan that will guide you to gain the focus you need to attract the clients you desire.

PART 3: Masterful Marketing
Today there seems to be an infinite number of resources and ways to generate leads.  There are strategies for online, off-line, digitally, in print, in person, blogging, social media, and on and on. It's not necessary to do everything to be successful, but it is crucial to do some things well and to do them consistently. Take the short-cut with Alan and Roberta and they will show you how to approach these decisions methodically and effectively to meet your goals.  

PART 6: Designing Your Lifestyle
It may be surprising to know that entrepreneurs, practitioners, salespeople and coaches who turn their business into a project that owns them are in far greater supply than those who really take command and design their business to support their best-fit lifestyle.  It's easy to fall into the trap that, if it's not hard it's not good. The goal is not to create a business that gives you lots of time off (although Roberta and Alan are in favor of that!), but to create one that you enjoy so much that you don't feel a constant need to have time off.   In this session, Alan and Roberta show you how to make that happen.   

PART 4: Maximum Impact
Language is powerful. The words we choose are either attracting the business we want to us or repelling it away from us.  In order to make yourself the obvious choice to your ideal clients, knowing what to say and how to say it makes all the difference.  In this session, Roberta and Alan show you how to craft your message to draw your right-fit people to you, in a way that makes you stand out as the obvious choice, and without using manipulative or scarcity tactics that compromise your sense of self or integrity.

PART 5: Building Relationships
There are really two businesses you are running, the service you provide and the one that attracts clients who want or need that service. In this session, Alan and Roberta cover a variety of creative and heart-centered ways for you to build the relationships that are essential to the lifeblood of your business as well as meaningful methods for growing and maintaining rewarding relationships that will fill your pipeline with prospective clients, repeat clients, and referrals.

Are challenged as to where and how to promote your business in a way that is aligned with you. 

Are trying to get your business off the ground and/or tired of treating it like a hobby and turn it into a business.

 This course includes six (6) audio sessions
in which you will learn:

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Building Your Authentic Business: How to Get Paid Well for Doing What You Love Without Selling Yourself Out

The information and presentations were solid!  The lesson materials that Alan and Roberta prepared and the conversations in real time during the calls were chockfull of helpful tips and insights. I also very much enjoyed the repartee between Alan and Roberta; their styles and material meshed very well together
- Kelli Richards, California, USA

Thank you Alan and Roberta for the great material and kind authentic presence.  Your work compliments each other nicely.  
- Charlene Ferguson, Canada

Hearing both of you was so wonderful, uplifting, brilliant, loving, generous, sincere. The many principles and questions you elucidated - I loved it all. Thank you. :)  
- Randi Suskin, New Jersey, USA

This was a wonderful course. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!! Looking forward to a follow up course.  
- Sandra Nelles, California, USA

Alan and Roberta - your messages complemented each other beautifully.
- Jean Sprague, Alberta, Canada

...a wonderful, thought-provoking program! I'd actually love you to offer a retreat with built-in coaching on the same topic! Alan and Roberta are a fabulous team! Please do more work together! :)
Randee Hartz, New York, USA

  PLUS, you receive a 
100+ Page Practical Action Guidebook

 Accompanying Guidebook
Success is not built on ideas alone. That's why Roberta and Alan created this accompanying Practical Action Guidebook with over 100 pages of lessons, activities, and additional insights for your implementation of what you learn. We encourage you to utilize the guidebook before and after each audio session.

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YES! Send me the course $197

Building Your Authentic Business: How to Get Paid Well for Doing What You Love Without Selling Yourself Out

Course Includes:
 Six (6) Audio Sessions with Alan & Roberta

 1. Mind Your Mindset

 2. Getting Aligned

 3. Masterful Marketing

 4. Maximum Impact

 5. Building Relationships

 6. Designing Your Lifestyle


100+ Page Practical Action Guidebook

 * All audio sessions recorded before a live teleseminar audience. Each recording is approximately 75 minutes. All material delivered digitally and available for download to any device.